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20% OFF (CENTURY Powerline Wavemaster + Hand Pads)

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Price:$ 156.99

PictureProduct Description
Powerline Wavemaster®-101622

  • Constructed for consistent heavy use
  • High density foam padding for maximum impact absorption
  • Sealed fill cap helps to prevent leaking
  • Base can be filled with water or sand
  • Round base for easy relocation
  • Seven height adjustments from 47" to 68" (from floor to top of bag) allowing students to practice kicks and punches at different angles
  • twice as much high-density foam as the Original Wavemaster® for high-impact kicks and strikes
  • Thick vinyl covering adds strength for repeated use

    Size: Bag-17.5" DIA. X 26" Tall Striking Surface; Base Diameter-24"
    Weight: APPROX. 270 LBS when filled with water

    Wavemaster® is a registered trademark of Century, LLC. U.S. Patent #5,624,358.
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    Hand Pads-1499

  • Designed with machine washable, soft-knitted elastic and foam for flexibility during light-impact training
  • Imported

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